Varietals | Spring 2021

Mandarin Cream Cheese (MCC)

Lineage – Cheese XXL x Creme Mandarin

Flowering Time – ~ 60-70 days

This Spanish combination brings together the autoflowering powerhouse Cheese XXL with one of the most fragrant and resinous autoflowers we have ever come across in the Creme Mandarin. We have selected specifically for potency and resin production, though the flower structure is still superb. ACTUAL potencies in the low 20s in THC show in the extraction yields, but it also shines as a baggable flower.

Flavor | Aroma – The dried flower has thick cheesy aromas with hints of vanilla, ripe fruit and fuel, while some phenotypes are much heavier on the gas scents.  


Lineage – Wavy Blue x MCC

Flowering Time – ~ 65 to 77 days

Our Wavy Blue took the industry by storm last year with its high yield, soaring highs and fast finish. We have combined it with the MCC, and we have made a series of meticulous selections in an attempt to bring out the best of both parents.  The introduction of the MCC brings with it potency that serves to only enhance the heady feelings of the Wavy Blue while still maintaining the chunky yields and tight flower structure of the Wavy.

Flavor | Aroma – Deep earthy flavors give way to gassy, peppery notes while taking you on a soaring creative journey without the anxiety normally associated with such a rapid launch.

Cheesecake Schnapps

Lineage – Tonic Ryder x MCC

Flowering Time – ~ 60 to 75 days

This resin monster has a fair amount of CBD, in some cases as much as 8%.  Excellent for extraction, the diverse cannabinoids present in this varietal yield a multifaceted high from its concentrate. Excellent pain relief and calming effects, along with a state of gentle mental reflection.

Flavor | Aroma – Dried flower has a very creamy smell, but tastes like garlic, fuel and pepper.    


Lineage – Haste x MCC

Flowering Time – ~ 55 to 68 days

Our Haste genetic was very fast finishing, but her short height made her slightly limited in application where it would be successful.  The combination  with the MCC brought an increase in height and resin production, while still maintaining the overall speed of finish.

Flavor | Aroma – Garlic and gas dominate the terpene profiles, with some having an undertone of creamy leather. 


Lineage – Blueberry x MCC

Flowering Time – ~ 60 to 70 days

This new varietal has demonstrated exemplary night structure, and was continuously selected in the capacity.  Primarily finishing with large, chunky buds reminiscent of the old school blueberry cuts of old, the MCC brings a slightly more elongated flower coated in large amounts of its trademark resin.

Berry Cheesecake

Lineage – Diesel Berry x MCC

Flowering Time – ~ 65 to 75 days

All gas and no brakes, these plants get large and produce wonderfully shaped buds full of petrol odors and flavors while still maintaining a creamy backend. We have reports that it is also fantastic for extraction as well as baggable flower. The smaller plants finish faster, while the slower finishing phenotypes reward with large yields.  

Flavor | Aroma – Petrol


Lineage – Kandy Kush x MCC

Flowering Time – ~ 62 to 75 days

A favorite of our team, Kandy Kush had to be combined with MCC to create a resin hunters dream. While still maintaining a fairly thick nug shape, the buds are a little smaller than other MCC crosses, but have copious amounts of resin throughout the flower.

Flavor | Aroma – Sweet and spicy notes are bountiful like her namesake, with effects that first lift you off and slowly bring you in for a landing of deep sleep. 

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